Sequoia is a Maui born and raised individual who grew up picking fruits and weeding vegetables as the daughter of an American father and Japanese mother on the slopes of Haleakala, Maui. Her upbringing as a the daughter of a farmer has meant that her love and intrigue with vegetation, fruits and how plants are grown run deep. 

She went to college in Upstate NY and after graduating, lived in California before moving to Japan. After a few years of living in Japan she then moved back to Maui. In order to continue her pursuit of fashion PR she moved to NYC and ended up in the food industry on a whim. Starting out as a hostess at a quaint Williamsburg restaurant it didn't take long before she transitioned to becoming a server and has since worked in several fine dining restaurants including opening a pop up in the Hamptons as well as opening a New American restaurant in NoLiTa, NYC. Working in the industry has given her an inside perspective of the restaurant world as well as the various parts that make a restaurant work. She is most fascinated with how ingredients are sourced, dishes are executed as well as how wine compliments that individual dish or can enhance an overall experience. 

Sequoia started traveling as an infant and has since lived in a few  countries (including Japan and Switzerland) and traveled to various others. She is as equally passionate about travel as she is about food. Travel allows her to experience other cultures, languages and local food. This blog is a meant to share and express her passions as well as connecting with those of similar interests. Sequoia is inspired by her Japanese background, Mexico, traveling and learning languages. She is currently based in Miami.

For any inquiries, comments or questions please email me at sequoia [at] avornothing.com 

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