How the avocado market is evolving

Avocados. How we took/take them for granted. Growing in your backyard on trees you loved to climb. Your first solid food as an infant and more recently in your life, an essential part of a cuisine you've come to love wholeheartedly. Avocado is now more present in food than ever before. The Australian cafes brought avocado toast to NYC, it's the perfect addition to a salad for someone wanting a nutritious topping or a vegan eater and apparently thousands of pounds of guacamole are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

Lately however, with climate change and severe droughts, avocado production has taken a hit and the US' biggest producer, California, hasn't been able to keep up with demand. Avocados are then imported from Mexico but Mexico also has problems keeping up with production when growing seasons have been affected. Maybe you didn't know about this all. I was aware of the consequences of climate change for agriculture and the drought in California didn't help the situation either. However, after coming across an article in the NY Times about a ban being in lifted for a variety of avocado in Hawaii, it occurred to me that the situation much more dire.

The Sharwil avocado from Hawaii may slowly replace the gap left in the industry by the cost of Hass avocados. An avocado with a decades long ban is now being allowed to be shipped to the Mainland US. This is huge! There are many varieties of avocados but the Hass variety has become the most popular due to its availability, texture and taste. But with the price of Hass avocados soaring-they are at the highest in three decades according to The Atlantic article, the Department of Agriculture had to do something it seems. 

I found this all very relevant to me and my blog and wanted to share it with you all. 

Do any of you grow avocados or live somewhere where avocados grow?