My senpai (Japanese for senior) from college who teaches English in Nagasaki is visiting Osaka. His friends, who also teach, are here from Korea.

It's always nice to have visitors because:
- it really makes me use my brain as to what I should show or share with them
-It's nice to meet new people and reunite with friends haven't seen in awhile
-oftentimes makes me discover things about Osaka or Kansai that I didn't know before

Last night, we all went out in Kyoto which was something I haven't done in a long time. We went to see some friends of mine who DJ. For one of my friends it was his DJ debut. It was great to be with a mix of friends and enjoy the music.

Today, my senpai and his friends are taking in some sights around Umeda and then they'll be coming closer to me to wander around another area of Osaka. I'm hoping to take them to this wonderful tako-yaki place that I often go to. Takoyaki (a flour-based ball with octopus and other ingredients usually topped with a savory-sweet sauce, green seaweed flakes, mayonaise and bonito flakes) and okonomiyaki (also a flour-based food that's mixed with cabbage,eggs, seafood and/or meat formed into a pancake and topped with the things as Takoyaki) are well-known dishes throughout Japan with their roots in Kansai. Although Hiroshima also has okonomiyaki but made it a different style.

Later, we'll head to Kobe to eat dinner and see the pretty lights of more quaint city of Kansai compared to Osaka.

That's all for now. I should get out and enjoy the sunny weather:)