H&M Osaka

H&M opened their fourth (possibly fifth) store in Japan -right in Shinsaibashi-last Saturday. Openings of big name stores generally draw A LOT of people. The first day it was raining and about 2500 people lined up to get in. Even this week there continues to be a big line of people waiting to get in.

The Ebisubashi H&M is laid out well. Through a friend I was able to attend the opening reception party last week Thursday. They gave the attendees a generous discount as well as souvenirs-early in the night it was cloth bags and when I left it was a limited edition t-shirt as well as a golf umbrella. I didn't really want to get much and it was generally diffucult to concentrate with the music and people added to the fact that I'll be visiting the States in a few weeks. WIth the strong yen, it'll be cheaper to buy things there. In the end I purchased a short-waisted black jacket and a pair of cotton capri pants (room wear like). At the opening reception there were couple famous Japanese models as well as many other models from agencies here. I also got to see a few friends I hadn't seen in awhile so I enjoyed myself. Plus there was free champagne;p

Anyway, here's a picture of H&M from the outside-an evening of rain and cold:(

I've been trying to keep up with this blog but alas I'm not doing so well... Will make sure to post more pictures of food and the city. Especially with spring around the corner.