Pics via iPhone

Just thought I'd post some pictures I've taken recently on my iPhone as I sit on the train from Kobe to Osaka.
The temperature was a very high 20 degrees Celsius( about 70 degrees Farenheit) yesterday. Today I also sunny and warm- though not ad warm as yesterday. It's a three-day weekend here so there a lot of people out and about. Yesterday in Shinsaibashi it was almost overwhelming.

Anyway, here are some pictures. Guess I can't post pictures from my iPhone so I'll post them later:)

Here are a few from the last couples weeks.

From bottom to top: Takashimaya Department store in Namba, Mitarashi dango- mochi with a more sweet but also savory sauce, Cherry trees are blossoming, A beautiful day last Friday in Osaka, and Another tree with pretty blossoms.