Much too long

Hello! Gosh it's been much too long since my last post. I apologize deeply. It seems that each month just goes by quicker than the last and pretty soon it's two months later and like me you've done no updating:(

So a little update. I no longer live in Osaka. I recently moved to Kobe. Most of my friends life here and life in this city isn't as large but certain just as lively. Kobe residents are known to be a little fancier in their ways (attire is one example) but just as friendly since it is afterall still part of Kansai.

I love my new place! There was a fireworks show by the ocean the other night and I could see almost the whole show from my apartment. It was amazing. Definately beats joining thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, in an specific area on a humid summer night.

Now that I'm a Kobe resident, my work, or what exists of it-teaching English- must also move so I've been on the lookout for English conversation school that are hiring. Teaching is just one way to make some income while I pursue avenues more dear to my heart; fashion mainly.

I'm planning on making a visit up to Tokyo later this month to see friends and network a bit. I'm pretty excited as it's been several months since I was last there and not even for a whole 24 hours.

Summer brings about a lot more liveliness and fun in Kansai. There are a lot of events-both indoors and outdoors- and things are more light and casual. At least in my opinion.

My move to Kobe was bit hectic. It happened at about the hottest time and was definately a workout/sauna visit. More so it was extremely exhausting and near the end of it all I came down with a cold. I had no energy and needed serious rest to recuperate. It was accomplished with a couple nights of long sleep, the first night being like 12 hours:P

I'll make sure to post some pictures soon of events I've been to etc... Until then:)