Bon Voyage

Due to my seriously slow computer (It's an iBook G4 going on it's fifth year!) I haven't been able to promptly upload and post photos and therefore anything I took this summer and wanted to post will have to wait till after I get back from my vacation.

What vacation you ask? I leave tonight for Azerbaijan where I'll stay for 6 days then travel via Istanbul to Amsterdam where I take a train to Paris, stay two nights, fly to Ibiza via Barcelona and stay two nights, come back through Barcelona for a night and then head to Amsterdam again before going to Istanbul. What was going to be just Azerbaijan and Turkey turned into a whirlwind of a trip but I'm very excited. Finally done packing so I'm not as stressed. Just have to get ready (shower, dinner etc...). Then I'll take the airport bus and hop on a fairly long flight to Istanbul.

Some of these places I've never been too and others, well just Paris, I have so I'm looking forward to every leg of this trip. I'm excited about the food and fall is my favorite season so the fact that I'll be able to spend it in Paris is like a dream since I'm in love with Paris. Weather-wise Amsterdam and Paris will likely be damp and cool and Baku, Istanbul, Ibiza and Barcelona will be fairly warm so packing wasn't the easiest thing but I just kept in mind the most important thing: to pack light.

Will need a serious photo posting session when I return. That is, unless, I figure how to post from my phone which I tried once and sorely failed at :(

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!