Foreign places II

It's December and yet the weather and the temperature in Japan has been warmer than years past. It seems strange but then again going out won't be as difficult when it isn't that cold.

I received a package from my mother the otherday which included a new battery for my laptop, dried persimmon and lip balm.
The new battery has provided new life to my practically ancient laptop (at least in an electronic sense) and now it's mobile and actually like a laptop. The dried persimmon- why send it from the States when it's available in Japan you may wonder- was grown by a family friend and my mother helped them peel and dry them. She was then thoughtful to send me some delicious, local dried fruit. Lastly, the lip balm is my favorite but like the laptop battery they won't ship abroad so i can to get my mother to re-ship them to me. This lip balm is amazing. It isn't easy to find and most of the lip balm I find here contain petroleum which apparently makes chapped lips worse and is also part of the addictive quality that leads many to think they need lip balm. It contains shea butter and smells like vanilla I swear it works miraculously as I've had chapped lips in the morning and applied it throughout the day and had smooth lips by the evening.

Anyway, I wanted to post more pictures from my trip. Spain, more of the Netherlands (I went through A'dam twice) and Turkey.

San Antonio, Ibiza

One of many beautiful coves


La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Casa Botllo

Unbelievably delicious paella in Barcelona

Foggy A'dam


Wonderful canals of Amsterdam

Tasty fries

A little reminder of home

Sunset canal

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

beautiful interior

Aya Sofya, Istanbul

one of the fish boats

Looking from the European side to the Asian side

Famous mackerel sandwiches by the Bosphorous

Arches in the Grand Bazaar

Textiles in Kapali Carsi (Grand Bazaar)

Turkish sweets

Spice Market

What sort of adventures have you been up to?