Winter chill

Brrrrr! It's getting cold here. Granted it's nothing compared to mountain areas, the Northeast of the States and Europe but it's definately not the temperate weather it once was. This will be my first winter in Kobe. Last winter I came often but still lived in Osaka where temperatures are slightly warmer. It's only a couple degrees but it makes a difference. I've already noticed a HUGE difference living here. The wind here is what really gets you. The weather forecast could say it's say 10 degrees Celsius which isn't bad, and it could be sunny but if that wind comes it will make you curse yourself for being so foolish and not wearing more clothes- that was me yesterday. It doesn't make it better when you ride a bicycle because you get somewhere faster but with you might arrive feeling frozen.

The great thing though about winters here in Japan are that, at least for this region, the number of days that the sun's out are far more than when i was living in Upstate NY. Apparently, the Syracuse area was number two after Seattle for most number of rainy and/or cloudy days. So I'm grateful that the sun likes to shine here and it can make the winter more bearable. For me personally, I prefer the cold to hot. Dry hot isn't bad but humid hot like here? No thanks!

Not sure how the weather is where you are but I have several friends in the UK trying to fly out for the holidays but are stuck due the large amount of snow. I would not like being in that position however, I'm very jealous of places that are nice and snowy for the Christmas season. More than anything this winter, yes even the fact that I can't be home in Hawaii for Christmas, is the fact that it doesn't snow. If it does, it's a mere flutter of flakes and would never snow enough to stick:( Please enjoy those outdoor snowy adventures for me and I'll live vicariously through you.