Happy February!

Sorry I've been out of touch. I'm back in Kobe to get things organized and packed so that I can move to Tokyo. I've gotten a new job and will start on Valentine's Day. I'm very excited for a new start and all the new possibilities. Kobe seemed so small and delicate when I arrived two nights ago by plane. It's hard to compare the two but Tokyo has such a variety of places and people so you can never seem to become bored if you're people watching.

I know I said I'd take pictures but unfortunately none on my own camera and none of Tokyo itself so I'll try to do that as soon as I get settled and start to explore.

There's still a lot I have to sort here in Kobe so I don't the exact day that I'll be leaving Kobe for Tokyo but I'm enjoying Kobe for now.

The zodiac of Aquarius has already begun and Chinese New Year has also started. February carries both fun and not so fun memories for me. My birthday is this month. In Hawaii February was also a season of lots of rainfall. So when I was younger I never knew if the day of my birthday party would be sunny or rainy. Also, I was never too fond of Valentine's day after elementary school so the fact that it was near my birthday was sort of a bummer. As I became older it seemed so tacky and superficial with couples exchanging gifts of cheap chocolates and gifts or flower that would deteriorate. I would still make the effort give out those little Valentine's Day cards to close friends.

Valentine's Day is even more tacky here. On Valentine's Day girls give guys gifts, oftentimes handmade chocolates and then a month later on March 14th guys will return the gift on what is called 'White Day'. Much life Christmas it all seems too glorified, leaving out those who aren't part of a couple etc... I wish it would be like the days in elementary school when every classmate was given a card and also gave cards. Love isn't meant categorized and placed into chocolate molds and teddy bears. It's meant to be shared with everyone so that it can keep on giving.

Enough of my opinions. I can't believe January went by as quickly as it did. Things will gradually change in my life but I'm ready as I'll ever be.

Hope you all have a great week! Much love <3