Hi again! I'm off to Vancouver tonight. I've never been to Vancouver but have always heard wonderful things about the city. It will take a bit of adjustment to get used to summer weather that's cooler than Maui but as long as the weather is nice and sunny I'll be happy.

I'm hoping to take more pictures than I have thus far. I'll be gone for two weeks so it's a little longer than my past trips but be patient and I'll try not to disappoint you all.

I'll be arriving in Vancouver, staying one night, then heading to Victoria and other parts of Vancouver island and then after five or six days I'll return to Vancouver and stay there the remainder of my vacation. I'm excited for nature that's unlike that of Hawaii as well as visiting a new city. I just love to wander and find different cafes, stores etc... Also, since it's summer the farmers' markets will be alive and busy.

Well, that's all for now. Will post when I get back. Hope you're all having a wonderful June and if you're in the U.S., have a great Fourth of July and if you're in Canada then have a lovely Canada Day!