The Rockies

Please excuse my lack of posts. I've been having serious computer issues. My laptop is shy of being 6 years old and won't always start. And if it does start it doesn't stay on long. I really need a new one and I've been thinking good thoughts for my current laptop but it seems it isn't enough. Now I have the daunting task of working and saving to purchase a new one.

Computer issues aside, I was recently in Western Colorado visiting family. The trip haven't last minute. It's been over three years since I've seen my father and other members of his family. Other than the dry climate it was wonderful being there. The Rocky mountains were in plain view and for them to be there every time I looked east was just amazing. I even visited a town called Ouray that is said to be the Switzerland of the U.S. Which of course lead me to compare and contrast the landscape with Switzerland. A place very dear to me as I spent a semester studying there in college.

Most of my time in Colorado was spent helping out on my father's large organic farm. My half siblings all work on the farm and the plethora of vegetables was simply beautiful. I helped with weeding, harvesting, packing and the most exciting for me- working the farmer's markets. My father was a farmer here on Maui when I was very young and it is was he's truly passionate about. It's fantastic to see him fulfilling his dream and I respect all the work he does because farming is far from easy.

Eating fresh tomatoes, zucchini, beets and apricots almost daily and maintaining a healthy diet there (no refined sugar, flour, rarely any dairy and no caffeine) pretty much gave me the detox I needed for the year. Physicially I felt great because I was active and spending time with family made it all that much better. The farmer's markets were a lot of fun. Definately a first for me because I'm usually on the other side as the buyer. My father's produce is made with so much love and hard work (family, workers and interns all do their part) that selling the produce at the markets becomes so easy. The relationship between farmers and the customers is so important. The transparency of what happens on the farm is so essential.

Another amazing opportunity while I was there was to spend time with horses. My aunt has a neighbor, and now dear friend, who owns 37 horses. My time spent with horses hasn't been much over my lifetime. There were three horses my family took care of when I was a young girl and then the very occassional horseback ride later on but otherwise horses remained in the pastures that I pass by in the car. Anyway, these horses are all gorgeous, intelligent and fascinating creatures. I also got to learn a little more about horses. This kind of education is useful whenever it is I see and meet a horse next. Horses communicate with actions which seems so much clearer than how we humans interact with words than become misinterpreted, misconstrued and even unheard. The time I got to spend with these beautiful creatures makes me want to spend more time with them.

I was in Colorado for 12 days. It was hard to say bye to my sisters and my brother but coming home is a feeling like no other. I'm so glad that I can call Maui home.

Hope you're all having an amazing, adventure-filled summer! Enjoy the rest of it too:)