London + the Cotswolds

London was the second city I visited this time in Europe. Well technically I was to visit a couple places in Belgium but plans got rearranged so I wasn't able to go:( After arriving in London I visited the Cotswolds. I took a bus into the countryside to stay one night in a cute village.

It was my third time in London and I absolutely loved being there. It's different from Paris (obviously) and what I find that draws me to it are the people. It's supposedly Europe's largest city and it is so cosmopolitan. Yes, I've been to other cities that were international but not quite like London. I swear the most English I heard was the announcements on the Tube. Plus, I have a few close friends that are living in London versus the almost non-existent social network I have in Paris.

I guess it's wonderful that Paris as a city draws you in because even if you don't know anyone you are perfectly content wandering around on your own. Not that exploring isn't fun in London but knowing people adds to it's experience. But hey I'm an only child so getting around on my own hasn't ever been an issue.

Anyway, the more time I spend in London the more I enjoy it. There are so many areas to explore, cuisines to try and markets to walk around. I truly sensed that it is someplace I could live. It's a large, diverse city where I have friends and in terms of work there are opportunities in the field I want to pursue.

Okay, stop with my babbling. Time for pictures!