First bilingual post

Hey there! So like I mentioned before, I wanted to start writing my blog in English and Japanese in order to reach a greater variety of readers.





Many blogs I follow are bilingual and I thougth why shouldn't I do the same? In my everyday usage, I mix English and Japanese together. Though this does depend on whom I'm speaking with. But many of my friends, especially while I was in Japan, are bilingual. Mixing the languages is a very easy way to speak that when we have to speak just English or Japanese it requires more thought! Ironic right? Anyhow, I know I haven't been the best at keeping up with this but I think that being able to express myself in two ways will help. Since I'll be here at home for the coming months I will post a lot about Hawaii.

Hope everyone's well. And if you're American perhaps you're looking forward to Thanksgiving like I am;)