This trip so far

Sorry it's been awhile. I really meant to update while I've been here in Japan but I really didn't have too much downtime to do so.

Last weekend I attended a wedding in Tokyo and although it was Halloween weekend I didn't have the energy or ability really( I mean I went to bed before 11pm most nights at home so how could I stay up past 11pm?). It's probably the first Halloween I can remember that I haven't done anything but oh well.

The wedding was so lovely and fun. Japanese weddings really are different because guests have no plus one, give gifts of money instead of items, the reception is for close friends and family and then there are sometimes one, two even three parties the rest of the night for just the couple and their friends. Generally it includes lots of drinking and maybe karaoke. It was my fourth time attending a wedding (third for the actual ceremony) but they never cease to make me cry- for happy reasons of course.

I'll include a couple pictures but I haven't been taking many pictures as though I've been back in Kobe I've been hanging out with friends which hasn't led to much picture taking. I'll be sure to take more in the days I have left.