Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm sorry it's been so long. Even though I have the Blogger application on my iPhone I haven't really gotten much use out of it.

Anyway, a lot has gone on since I last wrote. Mostly I'm just busy with working part-time at a coffee shop which is fun because it's located right in a cute, surfer town on the North Shore of Maui. In addition to that I'm working with a makeup artist helping with marketing and social media for her business. It's pretty interesting and for Hawaii it's a little closer to the fashion industry than other work. Recently another opportunity has presented itself so I want to challenge it while I'm here. It's also PR work so I'm excited.

My more important focus now is to find a job in Europe in fashion PR. But with visa issues it is easier said than done. That won't deter me from my dream to live there because I know if I don't try I'll always regret it.

On days off I go to the beach and enjoy the wonderful weather we've been having. Generally winters in Hawaii are rainy and wet but we've been having fantastic weather! It was recently my birthday and I was just so glad that the weather was beautiful. When I was young it was always about wishing it wouldn't rain on my birthday so I'm ever grateful.

I've been here at home longer than I anticipated but I don't regret it at all.

Hope all of you had, or are having a great Valentine's Day. It's never really been particularly special to me but I still hope it's a day of memories for you all.

Will write again soon and include pictures. Until then:)