C'est fini!

I finished my ten day cleanse! I'm so happy. I feel incredible! It's nice to have accomplished something that can be difficult for many. But it's more about challenging myself.

I'm on day two of easing into eating so-called "real" food. Fruit, soup, salad and anything light. Like I mentioned before I feel completely renewed. My head isn't fuzzy and waking up in the morning doesn't require caffeine etc... just the morning light and knowing how great this day will be.

Eating for the first time after ten days yesterday was great. I made a broth the night before and it was so tasty. Also, the texture of vegetables are mesmerizing. I had an orange juice as well and the pulp and flavor made me think I'd never tasted anything so wonderful (in terms of OJ anyway).

Anyhow, this cleanse has made me appreciate food even more and though I've always maintained a vegetarian and healthy diet I would like to significantly limit certain foods because without them I've noticed my skin is more radiant and I feel healthier overall.. I'm also more motivated to exercise and maintain my health in that sense because it always takes a second (or third) to other things.

In other news, I have a lot happening as this month goes on. I enjoy living in my new place where I can walk to the ocean, there are more activities and people around and so much food haha! I guess my childhood home is so much more country- even on this small island.

Alright, I promised pictures so I'll get on top of that. I'm off for a couple more days and I'm really hoping I don't work Easter Sunday but who knows :/

Hope you're all well. Have a wonderful day!!