I apologize for significant lack of posts. I have the Blogger app on my iPhone and still can't seem to get it together. Maybe I feel more comfortable on my laptop? But then all the photos I take are on my iPhone... Anyhow, my laptop is now 7 years old and is still managing to provide whatever I need to use it for which is mostly for browsing the web lol. As soon as I'm able to I'm thinking of getting the Macbook Pro :)So..fall is almost finished. My favorite season but since the weather has been so erratic I was only able to have a few fall-like days in terms of outfits/clothes. This may also be because compared to the general populous of NYC I'm relatively underdressed when it comes to cooler temperatures. Winters in Japan were pretty cold. Mostly because of the humidity. And in Upstate NY there was the lake effect which makes things almost twice as cold. Like I've mentioned before I'm not as fond of humid and hot which makes me, born in Hawaii and all, more resilient to the cold. I just always figure it'll be colder so why dress so warm when it's still in the 30s? People will look like the boy from 'Christmas Story' by the time the temps dip below zero at the rate they're dressing. Now it's the holiday season. The tree at Rockefellar Center was lit up last week and stores and streets are decorated for the Christmas season. Since I haven't been in NYC during this time of year before I find it so pretty to see. But Japan made me a little Grinch-like because it's such an event there and Christmas seemed very artificial and materialistic (which it can be everywhere) but there wasn't any cozy, loving warmth like the holidays in the States. In high school I would start writing Xmas cards as soon as Thanksgiving finish and be so eager to send them out. I would decorate and get so excited for Christmas! I'm trying to change my mentality and get into the Christmas spirit (at least in terms of decorating, buying gifts etc...) but I guess I'm lazy. I want to keep baking cookies like I did at Thanksgiving but without a full time job yet I'm limited on a budget to buy gifts. Guess it's a good thing I have a small family lol! People keep asking me what my plans are for Christmas but I have no clue. I didn't know what I was doing for Thanksgiving till the day of. My family is far away so maybe it doesn't seem as important for me. I'll likely make fun plans with friends and enjoy that they're off work or something lol. I made Xmas dinner in Japan which was a bit of work and not sure I'll do that but I'm looking forward to making egg nog which I made for the first time ever two years ago. Yummm! Holiday parties will be fun to attend too.Other than this rambling I'm still in the process of looking for a job. Have a part-time job in retail and I volunteer at a school which has been incredibly meaningful and fun. I'm really enjoying my life here in NYC and can't believe that it's been almost three months since I moved here. Where'd the time go?!!Okay, that's all for now. Will post pictures from my iPhone asap.Hope you're all well!