Merry Christmas

Or "Mele Kalikimaka" as they say here in Hawaii. Christmas festivities began last night with a couple Christmas Eve dinners. I swear I ate so much food! But I guess that's just part of the holiday season. The night sky was clear with an infinite number of stars. Accompied by wonderful people and delicious food it was a fun night.

That being said I went to bed late and couldn't sleep past 7am so this post is really the last thing before I get to bed. I wasn't able to nap like the rest of the household so I'm pretty exhausted.

After waking, I made coffee and waited for the others to wake up. We ended opening stockings and gifts around 9am. I felt like it was the latest Christmas morning ever! Anyway, I didn't get anything super exciting. My gift was already given to me as I am so happy and grateful to be home for te holidays. I've never been so happy to be on Maui than I am now. Strange what distance does to your feelings. I did like some comfy, soft socks I got. My feet I always cold and it doesn't bother me but I know it isn't a good thing:/

After that we had breakfast. Later we tried to go to the beach but it was fairly windy and beaches are crowded here on Christmas. Surprising as I haven't been around on Christmas foe awhile. But the weather was gorgeous so why not? So I didn't get to dip in te ocean but it was nice being out and about.

Gave up on the beach so we got food and goodies and came home. Enjoyed a drink and relaxed here. In the evening I made eggnog and a simple dinner. The day wasn't fancy or particularly exciting but I was so happy:)

Alright, I'm off to bed. Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve

Happy Holidays! It's almost Christmas for those of you that celebrate.

Christmas Eve is a much bigger deal here in Japan than Christmas Day. Couples and families exchange gifts, eat cake (usually strawberry shortcake) and fried chicken. I'm really not sure how some of these celebrations came about but probably not from religion since only about two percent of the population is Christian. This year Christmas falls on a weekend but otherwise no one would have the day off.

Culturally, New Year's is when families get together, people go back to their hometowns and large meals are prepared. So in a sense Christmas has become an event based on outside influences and New Year's is celebrated more like how Christmas would be spent in Western countries. I don't have any pictures to share but each year Kobe puts up lighting for a week and half or so for everyone to look at. It started the year of the Great Hanshin Earthquake. I managed to see it before it was lit which is kind of funny. Some areas of the city up with Christmas lights. Everyone has been out shopping and with the drop in temperature yesterday it feels much more like winter.

Anyhow, just wanted to drop in and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope to write again before the new year but I can't promise anything. Be safe and have fun. Best wishes into the new year:)