So, yes another couple weeks have gone by and I haven't written anything. When I think about how infrequently I write in this blog I realize how lazy I am. However, I'm thinking that in order to have things to update about, other than food and such, I may start posting pictures of street fashion as well as events that I attend.

The rainy season is upon us here which means warmer temperatures and more humidity. Not so great. Anyway, after my trip to the States I spent a couple days in Hokkaido (northern most island of Japan). Although it was the end of April it was still like late winter in some places and temperatures were far cooler than this area of Japan. Here are some pictures. Hokkaido is known, at least in terms of food, for ramen-specifically soy sauce, seafood and its dairy products. All are very delicious. It was my third time visiting Hokkaido. Couldn't partake in ramen eating because I do not eat meat and therefore can't have the broth, but the seafood is amazing-particularly sea urchin, crab, scallops,salmon and salmon roe- and cheese/milk/butter are also fantastic.

breakfast at the early morning seafood market