Sights and tastes of 2011

Just wanted to share a few things from this month and year. As I mentioned before 'osechi ryori' is a traditional meal you eat at New Years here. Here's one part of the 'osechi ryori' I had the delight in eating. This dish is 'kamaboko' or fish cake with shiso (known sometimes as the Japanese basil) and ikura or salmon-roe. I really liked the blend of textures and flavors. The firm, sweet fish cake combined with the savory flavor of the ikura with a finishing hint of shiso taste and aroma.

About a week after New Years is 'Ebisu-sann' or Ebisu festival. This is when many people go to shrines where Ebisu, a god known for business and prosperity.

Making my way to the shrine


I wish I had more to share but the first half of January has been quiet. Things will change, maybe drastically from here on out. Hope you are all enjoying food and sights that you love.

New Year

Sorry that I haven't been writing as frequently as I did in December. I seemed to have stumbled upon a writer's block of sorts. Also, I wanted to make sure to include pictures so I had to upload pictures from my camera first in order to do so.

Here are just a couple pictures from December in Kobe. The city isn't decorated for Christmas as much as one would hope, especially when it's such a beautiful city architecturally speaking. But I guess each city can't run a complete deficit with electricity. Especially if the energy for the lights aren't from alternative power sources.

Nonetheless, Kobe continues its annual tradition (ever since the Great Hanshin Earthquake) of a Luminaries show for two weeks in early December. Instead of candles in paper bags as often seen in the States, it is a whole street with many lights above your head. I missed it the last few years but Kobe tries to add its holiday charm.

Decoration in front of department store


Now that Christmas and New Years are over, it's back to the everyday life which are filled-at least for me-with attempts to keep my new year's resolutions. Have you made yours? My main focus is work. Currently it's a big 'lack' of work but I intend to turn that into a 'presence' of work. Good luck to all if you with your resolutions!

I'll keep this post short and I'm hoping to share more of what Kobe is and has to offer in the near future.

Much too long

Hello! Gosh it's been much too long since my last post. I apologize deeply. It seems that each month just goes by quicker than the last and pretty soon it's two months later and like me you've done no updating:(

So a little update. I no longer live in Osaka. I recently moved to Kobe. Most of my friends life here and life in this city isn't as large but certain just as lively. Kobe residents are known to be a little fancier in their ways (attire is one example) but just as friendly since it is afterall still part of Kansai.

I love my new place! There was a fireworks show by the ocean the other night and I could see almost the whole show from my apartment. It was amazing. Definately beats joining thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, in an specific area on a humid summer night.

Now that I'm a Kobe resident, my work, or what exists of it-teaching English- must also move so I've been on the lookout for English conversation school that are hiring. Teaching is just one way to make some income while I pursue avenues more dear to my heart; fashion mainly.

I'm planning on making a visit up to Tokyo later this month to see friends and network a bit. I'm pretty excited as it's been several months since I was last there and not even for a whole 24 hours.

Summer brings about a lot more liveliness and fun in Kansai. There are a lot of events-both indoors and outdoors- and things are more light and casual. At least in my opinion.

My move to Kobe was bit hectic. It happened at about the hottest time and was definately a workout/sauna visit. More so it was extremely exhausting and near the end of it all I came down with a cold. I had no energy and needed serious rest to recuperate. It was accomplished with a couple nights of long sleep, the first night being like 12 hours:P

I'll make sure to post some pictures soon of events I've been to etc... Until then:)