Happy summer! How has your summer been so far? Mine has been fantastic. I'm sorry I haven't written in so long- yet again. I wrote a post via my iPhone but I guess I forgot to save it because it was gone :( Anyway, the summer here has been beautiful.Granted it's pretty gorgeous year-round but with a very dry spring the fields of upcountry Maui were looking a bit brown.

Thankfully June brought some rain and therefore greener fields and all the fruits and flowers. My grandparents were visiting Kauai and I went for a few days. It was mostly rainy/cloudy but when it was sunny it was spectacular. I definately recommend a visit to the Northshore of Kauai. Some of my pictures include Kauai.

I had hoped to be in London by now but unfortunately my plans fell through and I'm still here on Maui. I've been to Europe in every other season and was excited to spend the summer in London during the Olympics etc.. Seems like it's been a rainy summer for London so far but nevertheless I wanted to enjoy the various markets, plethora of food and all the beauty it has to offer.

Since London didn't work I had to kind of readjust my mindset (I'm still very set on living in Europe, London specifically, in the near future)so that I'd be able to eventually move to Europe for a longer period of time. Therefore I've made a bit decision to move to New York City! I'm so excited. I also haven't been on the East Coast for the summer. The not being in other places during the summer is probably because I was usually in Japan.

I have many good friends living in NYC and since I want to get back into working the fashion industry it just made sense. Plus it's a short flight away from Europe:) I'm job searching at the moment and once that's set I'll figure out my living situation and such. I can't wait to be back in a big city. Maui is amazing and beautiful but it's still an island and there's nowhere to run to for excitement. And I'm kind of over having to drive everywhere. I'm a big fan of public transportation and walking.

Other than these big life changes I'm enjoying my work with a wedding photographer. The hours are flexible and work environment pleasant- definately less drama. The Makawao Rodeo was this past weekend and I saw a little of that which was fun. I have a friend moving back to Washington so I hung out with her and am trying to spend as much time with my friends, my mom and dog. So that's it for me.

Enjoy the pictures!

Capturing my heart

Summer has arrived! Well semi-offically. Most people probably think that it's always summer here in Hawaii but I would say we have two-three seasons: humid and warm, wet and cool and something in the middle that occurs during fall and spring. The weather isn't too humid yet and rain falls occasionally making it a beautiful time to be on Maui. Schools are out for the summer and that means children frolicking everywhere. Hopefully businesses become busier with another high season of tourism arriving. This time of year is probably my favorite because the jacaranda are in full bloom. If you've never heard of a jacaranda look it up on Google images. They're absolutely gorgeous! Of all the flowers that bloom here in Hawaii it is one of my favorites. Something about the light purple blossoms, large climb-worthy trees and fragrant smell puts me over the moon. When I was growing up the highway that you drive on the way to my house is full of jacaranda trees and when they bloom painters will park on the side and paint pictures of the beautiful trees in front of a background of open fields. Things like this really make me appreciate living up here where the weather is cooler and the views are stunning. Living down on the South shore for about two months was a lot of fun with places to go (mostly beaches), people to see and lots to eat but I'm so glad to be back at my mother's house because the weather was getting too warm for me. Imagine that! Most people love the weather there-retirees, tourists etc... It doesn't really rain and sun all the time is nice but it gets hot. The one perk was that my laundry would dry quickly! Anyway, I've been horrible about writing as I've become busier lately. I started another job as a personal assistant to a photographer which I enjoy. It isn't challenging necessarily but it's in a relaxed atmosphere and the people that I work with are very upbeat and positive. It's nice to have variety in the things you do which is probably why I can't stick to one specific thing and love to dabble in different projects and tasks. I'm still keeping positive about getting to Europe. I've never been there during the summer and just have to be there. Alright, that's all for now. Will try harder to update more. I'll post more pictures from my iPhone next time. Taking pictures is the only thing I can consistenly do. Makes sense that I work for a photographer right? Hope you're all well. Take care and aloha! 皆様お元気ですか?本当に長い間ブログに書いてなくってすみません!最近忙しくなってきましたのでなかなか書く時間がなかったです。 こちらはもう夏ですよー!学校も夏休みに入りました。ハワイのお天気も夏に近いです。ハワイは一年中夏と思ってるかもしれないけど、実は季節は2-3個あります。まず夏は少し蒸し暑くって太陽もいっぱいです。冬は雨が多く降り、たまに台風も来ます。雨が降らない日はすごく良いお天気です。こちらの春秋は夏と冬の間の天気でちょうどういい気温です。雨も少なくって蒸し暑くないです。 今の時期が一番好きかもしれません。なぜかとゆうと今はジャカランダの木が満開です。ジャカランダの木をご存知じゃない人は是非Googleで検索してみてください。とってもきれいなつぼみです。木は大きく、花は紫、そして花の香りも甘い。本当に大好きです。私のお家に来る道にいっぱい木があり、昔からの思い出はジャカランダが満開の時にいろんな絵描きが絵を描いてます。 最近仕事が一個ふえてました。写真集のパーソナルアシスタントをやってます。とくに難しい仕事じゃないけど、楽な環境で働く事がいいです。それと周りに働いている人たちが明いです。 いちようこの夏ヨーロッパに行く予定です。仕事はまだですけどそのうちあります。夏のヨーロッパは過ごした事がないので、ポジティブに考えて絶対いきます! ではここまでです。次がiPhoneから写真を乗せます。また見てください! じゃね!アロハー!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm sorry it's been so long. Even though I have the Blogger application on my iPhone I haven't really gotten much use out of it.

Anyway, a lot has gone on since I last wrote. Mostly I'm just busy with working part-time at a coffee shop which is fun because it's located right in a cute, surfer town on the North Shore of Maui. In addition to that I'm working with a makeup artist helping with marketing and social media for her business. It's pretty interesting and for Hawaii it's a little closer to the fashion industry than other work. Recently another opportunity has presented itself so I want to challenge it while I'm here. It's also PR work so I'm excited.

My more important focus now is to find a job in Europe in fashion PR. But with visa issues it is easier said than done. That won't deter me from my dream to live there because I know if I don't try I'll always regret it.

On days off I go to the beach and enjoy the wonderful weather we've been having. Generally winters in Hawaii are rainy and wet but we've been having fantastic weather! It was recently my birthday and I was just so glad that the weather was beautiful. When I was young it was always about wishing it wouldn't rain on my birthday so I'm ever grateful.

I've been here at home longer than I anticipated but I don't regret it at all.

Hope all of you had, or are having a great Valentine's Day. It's never really been particularly special to me but I still hope it's a day of memories for you all.

Will write again soon and include pictures. Until then:)

Merry Christmas

Or "Mele Kalikimaka" as they say here in Hawaii. Christmas festivities began last night with a couple Christmas Eve dinners. I swear I ate so much food! But I guess that's just part of the holiday season. The night sky was clear with an infinite number of stars. Accompied by wonderful people and delicious food it was a fun night.

That being said I went to bed late and couldn't sleep past 7am so this post is really the last thing before I get to bed. I wasn't able to nap like the rest of the household so I'm pretty exhausted.

After waking, I made coffee and waited for the others to wake up. We ended opening stockings and gifts around 9am. I felt like it was the latest Christmas morning ever! Anyway, I didn't get anything super exciting. My gift was already given to me as I am so happy and grateful to be home for te holidays. I've never been so happy to be on Maui than I am now. Strange what distance does to your feelings. I did like some comfy, soft socks I got. My feet I always cold and it doesn't bother me but I know it isn't a good thing:/

After that we had breakfast. Later we tried to go to the beach but it was fairly windy and beaches are crowded here on Christmas. Surprising as I haven't been around on Christmas foe awhile. But the weather was gorgeous so why not? So I didn't get to dip in te ocean but it was nice being out and about.

Gave up on the beach so we got food and goodies and came home. Enjoyed a drink and relaxed here. In the evening I made eggnog and a simple dinner. The day wasn't fancy or particularly exciting but I was so happy:)

Alright, I'm off to bed. Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!!!

Beauty of this island

Gosh I'm so bad at updating! I kept thinking to myself "I need to update my blog" but would procrastinate with excuses like not having enough pictures. Now I do.

I'm so happy to be here for the holidays. I haven't taken many Christmasy photos but I will.

For now I just wanted to share the beauty of this island Maui. The weather has been more rainy which makes for gorgeous rainbows and lush greenery. The ocean is so blue as is the sky when it isn't raining.


ブログをぜんぜんupdateしてなくってすみません!最近少し忙しくなって来たのでブログに書こうと思ってもなかなか行動には出ません(>_<) 後写真をもっと取りたくって、何日か前にやっとなんまえかいいのが取れたら"やった!やっとブログに乗せる事が出来る"。




Maui mornings

Recently I've been in the habit of waking up fairly early. Some days like today I'm up before its light out. On these days I like to capture the very early light. I've always loved mornings, even cold winter mornings in Upstate NY where you really don't want to get out of bed but once you do it isn't bad. I liked getting up early enough before classes where I could finish assignments/reading, check the hourly weather(vital to preparing for a winter day), check email, browse the news, get ready and eat breakfast. I figured if I was up long enough before classes I would have be more attentive and focused.

Although I no longer had or have classes, I kept this routine as much as possible while I lived in Japan. Ideally it'd be best when included with some exercise. Something I managed on occasion last summer when temperatures were too hot that the only manageable time to walk was in the early morning. Then I would go through my morning routine and take the morning slow. When you wake up early the morning goes by slowly and I seem to get a lot more accomplished.

Recently I started a job where I have to wakeup quite early. I've done it in the past and like when you start early and finish early and still have most of the day to enjoy.

Anyway, mornings on Maui are simply gorgeous. I've taken some pictures and wanted to share them. Here they are!

Back from Japan

So sorry that I didn't post again while I was there. Between staying with friends and getting thins done I didn't have much downtime.

Also, as bad as it is I didn't take very many more pictures.

I'm thinking about writing my blog in Japanese and English starting from my next entry. This way I can share my upcoming adventures with more people. These adventures will likely be on Maui ( possibly other islands) because I have to stay put for some time to work and save for my next bug step- a plan that hasn't become clear yet.

Just a few more pictures! Including: an apartment up in smoke ( something like the 22nd floor); a cute Italian place and the lunch I had; beautiful Kobe sunset; my favorite coffee chain when I'm in Japan: Tully's; and my last meal before my flight- kitsune udon:)

More Maui

So you know that problem I had with my laptop and my attempts at mobile blogging via email? Well the answer was right in the App store: download the Blogger app! What a relief. Plus it's super easy. Now I can blog from my iPhone whether or not my laptop decides to work. Although that issue will need to be resolved somehow.

Anyway, here are some of many pictures I've taken from my iPhone over the last few months. Hope you like them as much as I do:)

Oh, and on a different note. As of yesterday it is two weeks till I leave for Europe. With the first stop being Paris. I can't wait to blog from there with this handy dandy app!


My laptop finally cooperated. There were as many pictures as I hoped but this is likely because I take more photos with my iPhone. I'm still trying to figure out mobile uploading but till then I'll email to myself and upload via my laptop.

Hope you enjoy there!

Deep gorge in the Rockies
Telluride Farmer's market

Lunch table at a restaurant's farm in Kula

Sunset from the West side
The beginning of a beautiful sunrise
An amazing dish of scallops on rice with mandarin oranges
Sunset from a Wailea restaurant

Maui Love

Again, another couple weeks of not writing. I'm so bad. I've been trying to enjoy all that Maui has to offer now that I have a mode of transportation- a used car bought from a friend that moved to the mainland.

I have yet to go surfing even though it's been over three months since I've been here but I think I'll be going soon. Otherwise, I've been going to the beach often, a couple hikes, relaxing at home where it's nice and cool and meeting friends.

There are so many things about growing up on Maui that I've taken for granted and I don't want to do that anymore. So everyday I focus on what I'm grateful for. Maui and my home have allowed me to heal and rejuvenate in so many ways (many of which are probably not obvious to me yet). I know that it will be here whenever I want to come back. Which is why lately I feel a bit antsy to go somewhere/

I have goals and ambitions that are beyond Maui. I have a strong desire to live elsehwere and continue the work I was doing in Japan. However, I deeply feel that I am content with no longer living in Japan and have my eyes set on Europe. I'm hoping for the best. I will need to be a stronger and more courageous person than ever before but I have no doubt that things will work out. I just need to believe in myself and be who I am.

I can owe much of this strength to Maui and the love, inspiration, power and security it has provided. I will keep this with me wherever I go.

I will try to post pictures of my Maui adventures. My own laptop is still acting up so I hope I can do it do very soon.

Hope every one of you has a place in which you can call home and can gain everything you desire from it so that you too can pursue your dreams.

Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is. Cliche I know but it has never meant as much to me as it does now. It's be about six weeks since I came home from Japan. This time it isn't just a visit of a couple weeks but this time I'll stay put for some time. Which for me is likely to be a few months.

Hawaii, and specifically Maui, is full of beauty. Whether it's in the sky, in the sea or in between. The rain forests, open green fields, deep valleys or steep cliffs, volcanic craters, white sandy beaches, plentiful rainbows and so on. It is endless. And every moment and day brings instances of priceless beauty. After a couple years in the bustling, lively and metropolitan cities of Osaka, Kobe and Tokyo, the calm and natural beauty of Maui eases the depths of my heart and soul.

Every morning that it's sunny (which is almost everyday) I wake up to a breathtaking view of the island from my home and bask in the Hawaiian sun. The birds are really the only noise that I hear and it is these moments of near silence that I savor. I feel so grateful to have been born and raised on this island. In my teenage years I felt that Maui was small and there wasn't much more, beyond the 15+ years that I had spent, to be excited about. These sorts of thoughts were likely influenced by my annual visits to Japan in the summer where there was so much more stimulation and energy. But now that I'm a little older, I see that nothing can compare to being raised here. Maui, in its own way has an energy that comes from its people and its vast nature.

Yes, I still see aspects of what I didn't care for when I was younger, but now I see those things as less important as those aspects which are positive and continuously draw people from all around the world to visit or live here. There is the same internationalism that exists in many metropolitan cities just at a scale comparable to an island population. It isn't always so visible but if you search for it, you will undoubtedly find it all around. Hawaii is certainly multicultural, just look at its geography but it isn't just those cultural groups that came in the 18th and 19th century that exist today. Today there are people from the North America, South America, Europe and Asia. More specifically I know and recognize many South African, Italian, French, Swiss, Germans, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indian, Thai, Caribbean, Argentine, Brazilian, Mexican, Irish people. Quite the contrast from the ethnic groups say a 100 years ago: Hawaiian, Portuguese, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino.

All of these things and more allows me to love, admire and respect this 'aina' or land and its people. I'm so proud to call Maui home.