I love this city so much. The excitement I feel when I'm there remains unchanged from when I first visited Paris five years ago. Yes, the cliché reasons exist: the architecture etc.. but I find excitement in exploring the city to find hidden ( and sometimes not so hidden) treasures.

I was expecting lovely fall-like weather but Europe had an indian summer and temps were above 27 degrees Celsius daily. I was kicking myself for not bringing more versatile clothes. I always check the weather forecast before I go and there was nothing that indicated summer temperatures.

I'll write more again but I just wanted to post some pictures.


I'm beyond excited to be going to Europe in three days. 3 days!! Proof of my excitement is the fact that I've been 90% packed since Sunday.

I'm not at all fond of packing last minute unless it's traveling from one place to another in which case everything's already been packed so it's just a matter of reissuing it. I notice that I improve over time in how and what I pack. It's much easier I think when you're required to carry on your luggage. Anyway, two weeks and a fairly small suitcase. The last time I was in Europe in March I wore and used everything I brought which was a relief.
This time I hope to do the same:)

My first stop is Paris. I'm hoping to visit Belgium and maybe London.

Since I wasn't able to post pictures from my past trip, I'll post a few of my last European adventure.