Who Doesn't Love Brunch?

The concept of brunch and its growth have caught on like a wildfire. But, did you know that the term 'brunch', was first printed in the late 19th century  when it was suggested as an alternative to heavy post-church lunches on Sunday. Nowadays, whether it's in London, New York City, Melbourne or here in Tulum, brunch is everywhere. Special occasions like Mother's Day brunch have become a part of a normal culinary experience. Below are my suggestions for a scrumptious brunch.

Del Cielo

A cute café in the beginning of Tulum Pueblo, they serve fresh juices, smoothies, baked goods, tartines, salads and sandwiches. My favorite is the avocado tartine. Breakfast items are served with either guacamole or salsa and salad. The bread is delicious and the flavors of avocado mash, onions and cilantro balances perfectly. The coffee is here is nice and strong. I prefer strong coffee which I still have a hard time finding even in NYC.

Cenzontle Jardín

Located amongst the eco-chic hotels and boutiques is a divine "garden". A restaurant that made such an impact on me during my first visit to Tulum, my friends and I went back the following night and is what sparked my return. Brunch started just a couple months ago but it can almost rival its dinner with an eggs benedict to die for. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's the eggs they use here but the hollandaise on it is unreal. Additionally, the ambience during the day is almost worthwhile in itself. Brunch cocktails such as a bloody marys and mimosa are available as well. The Bloody Mary I had was savory, strong and exactly what I needed. Before your brunch items are served you receive a basket of bread baked in-house with rosemary butter. On my visit the bread had specks of pink from the beet and was garnished with orange peel.

El Pez

Part of the Colibri Boutique Hotel Group, El Pez is located a short way down the Boca Paila road. The property includes hotel rooms and is very private as there are no neighboring hotels (directly anyway). It sits on a small cove and is right in front of a nice beach.

The ambience of the restaurant is superb. Open and breezy, you sit under a huge palapa at a table which has a great view. I've had lunch here a couple times and really enjoyed the level of service. It is attentive but not overwhelming. More recently I tried their Sunday Brunch. The occasion was Mother's Day (May 8th in the U.S.) and I ordered an poached eggs served on top of rye bread with roasted beets, caramelized onions and Chaya (spinach-like vegetable) and a touch of bacon. It was absolutely scrumptious. It was more like a luxurious version of a tartine. I liked the rye bread as it added both flavor and fiber. A healthier alternative to wheat bread. My mother ordered a smoked marlin eggs benedict which looked delicious. While I didn't order a cocktail, they serve mimosas and blood marys.

I highly recommend El Pez for your next meal. I'm still eager to try their dinner.

Buon provecho everyone!

Airy and bright interior at El Pez

Stunning view at El Pez

El Pez

Smoked Marlin Benedict at El Pez


House baked bread with beet, hibiscus & garnished with orange peel

Mezcal based Blood Mary= Heaven

Brunch sandwich at Cenzotle

Eggs Benedict with bacon and fried fish