I'm failing miserably at keeping up, let alone writing in this blog. Since my move to Tokyo more than two weeks ago I haven't had the time to take pictures of my explorations and adventures as I've been adjusting to such as the new work hours (not really long but probably like many others) rush hour and having only a precious amount of time between making dinner and going to bed.

I'm not finally able to write as I needed to wake up really early this morning. It's raining outside and probably back down to cooler weather after a weekend of relatively beautiful weather. Yesterday was simply perfect with a walk though the Meiji Shrine and lunch in Shibuya.

I'm afraid will neglect this blog further as I leave for a business trip on Wednesday for 12 days. Will be off to Europe (where specifically I'll have to share later). Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to take pictures and update this when I get back-possibly even while I'm abroad.

Another month is almost done. I've celebrated a birthday and time is going by rapidly. I guess it's the big city life.

Hope everyone is enjoying life. Make sure to enjoy the free time you have because I've come to realize how precious it is :)