Sights and tastes of 2011

Just wanted to share a few things from this month and year. As I mentioned before 'osechi ryori' is a traditional meal you eat at New Years here. Here's one part of the 'osechi ryori' I had the delight in eating. This dish is 'kamaboko' or fish cake with shiso (known sometimes as the Japanese basil) and ikura or salmon-roe. I really liked the blend of textures and flavors. The firm, sweet fish cake combined with the savory flavor of the ikura with a finishing hint of shiso taste and aroma.

About a week after New Years is 'Ebisu-sann' or Ebisu festival. This is when many people go to shrines where Ebisu, a god known for business and prosperity.

Making my way to the shrine


I wish I had more to share but the first half of January has been quiet. Things will change, maybe drastically from here on out. Hope you are all enjoying food and sights that you love.