A little update

Hey all, so sorry that I haven't posted pictures. My laptop isn't cooperating (but I also haven't tried to turn it on in several days knowing I'll be heartbroken when it shuts down on me). I'd love to post pictures from my mobile phone and although I've made an address to email I still haven't figured it out. In my defense, I tried once and it didn't work. Must try again ASAP.

In other news, I have a small idea of my future plans which has taken a huge amount of anxiety off my shoulders. As of yesterday my plans are set to go to Europe for two weeks beginning at the end of this month. I'm beyond excited! My future rests a lot on this trip so I must do my best to achieve my goals.

I'll be flying in and out of Paris and I'll most likely visit somewhere else besides Paris -London/Belgium/Switzerland. Yes, the end of September into the beginning of October means it's fashion week in Paris. Such an exciting time. I was there for work in March and it was amazing.

Will update more soon. And I really need to get some pictures up here because like you guys I'm tired of NOT having pictures in these last couple posts.

August is gone and for most of us that means that summer is fading away. But alas, my favorite season-autumn- is on its way. Granted, it doesn't feel at all like the end of summer here on Maui but I'll have my share of autumn soon enough :)