Maui mornings

Recently I've been in the habit of waking up fairly early. Some days like today I'm up before its light out. On these days I like to capture the very early light. I've always loved mornings, even cold winter mornings in Upstate NY where you really don't want to get out of bed but once you do it isn't bad. I liked getting up early enough before classes where I could finish assignments/reading, check the hourly weather(vital to preparing for a winter day), check email, browse the news, get ready and eat breakfast. I figured if I was up long enough before classes I would have be more attentive and focused.

Although I no longer had or have classes, I kept this routine as much as possible while I lived in Japan. Ideally it'd be best when included with some exercise. Something I managed on occasion last summer when temperatures were too hot that the only manageable time to walk was in the early morning. Then I would go through my morning routine and take the morning slow. When you wake up early the morning goes by slowly and I seem to get a lot more accomplished.

Recently I started a job where I have to wakeup quite early. I've done it in the past and like when you start early and finish early and still have most of the day to enjoy.

Anyway, mornings on Maui are simply gorgeous. I've taken some pictures and wanted to share them. Here they are!