Beauty of this island

Gosh I'm so bad at updating! I kept thinking to myself "I need to update my blog" but would procrastinate with excuses like not having enough pictures. Now I do.

I'm so happy to be here for the holidays. I haven't taken many Christmasy photos but I will.

For now I just wanted to share the beauty of this island Maui. The weather has been more rainy which makes for gorgeous rainbows and lush greenery. The ocean is so blue as is the sky when it isn't raining.


ブログをぜんぜんupdateしてなくってすみません!最近少し忙しくなって来たのでブログに書こうと思ってもなかなか行動には出ません(>_<) 後写真をもっと取りたくって、何日か前にやっとなんまえかいいのが取れたら"やった!やっとブログに乗せる事が出来る"。




More Maui

So you know that problem I had with my laptop and my attempts at mobile blogging via email? Well the answer was right in the App store: download the Blogger app! What a relief. Plus it's super easy. Now I can blog from my iPhone whether or not my laptop decides to work. Although that issue will need to be resolved somehow.

Anyway, here are some of many pictures I've taken from my iPhone over the last few months. Hope you like them as much as I do:)

Oh, and on a different note. As of yesterday it is two weeks till I leave for Europe. With the first stop being Paris. I can't wait to blog from there with this handy dandy app!

Maui Love

Again, another couple weeks of not writing. I'm so bad. I've been trying to enjoy all that Maui has to offer now that I have a mode of transportation- a used car bought from a friend that moved to the mainland.

I have yet to go surfing even though it's been over three months since I've been here but I think I'll be going soon. Otherwise, I've been going to the beach often, a couple hikes, relaxing at home where it's nice and cool and meeting friends.

There are so many things about growing up on Maui that I've taken for granted and I don't want to do that anymore. So everyday I focus on what I'm grateful for. Maui and my home have allowed me to heal and rejuvenate in so many ways (many of which are probably not obvious to me yet). I know that it will be here whenever I want to come back. Which is why lately I feel a bit antsy to go somewhere/

I have goals and ambitions that are beyond Maui. I have a strong desire to live elsehwere and continue the work I was doing in Japan. However, I deeply feel that I am content with no longer living in Japan and have my eyes set on Europe. I'm hoping for the best. I will need to be a stronger and more courageous person than ever before but I have no doubt that things will work out. I just need to believe in myself and be who I am.

I can owe much of this strength to Maui and the love, inspiration, power and security it has provided. I will keep this with me wherever I go.

I will try to post pictures of my Maui adventures. My own laptop is still acting up so I hope I can do it do very soon.

Hope every one of you has a place in which you can call home and can gain everything you desire from it so that you too can pursue your dreams.

秋 a.k.a. Autumn

Temperatures have begun to drop slowly over the last week or so. Some days it's warmer than other but once it gets dark it is all pretty much the same. My mother was visiting from Hawaii from mid-October to mid-November and during that time we went out and about and ate some delicious food and traveled up to Tokyo and also Nagano. Rather than me going on about the experiences I thought that pictures would be more appealing. So here you go, Japanese food and pictures of fall foliage on various occasions:)

Soba in Nagano
Beautiful Nagano
'Kaisen-don' or Seafood bowl with sakura ebi (shrimp) which is famous in a this town in Shizuoka Prefecture

Kamo River, Kyoto
Nanzenji Temple, Kyoto
Ginkakuji, Kyoto

Fall foliage in Kobe
View of Kobe
Monument near Venus bridge which is a place where couples place locks and throw away the key as a symbol of everlasting love

Past years' locks melted to make this

Cherry Blossoms

So said that I would post some pictures. Before I post pictures from my trip to the States I figured I'd go chronologically and post pictures of cherry blossoms that I took right before my vacation.

Spring here in Japan is an especially beautiful time of year. When temperatures aren't quite as cold and March comes around cherry trees start blooming everywhere. Of course this depends on weather so the cherry blossom viewing season, or hanami begins in Kyuushu and ends in Hokkaido. Because I wasn't in Japan during most of April I missed the peak hanami time for the Kansai region. At least in the sense of getting together with friends under the trees for a food/drink filled picnic. I did however get some great pictures taken over a couple random afternoons.

Now for the pictures.

Pics via iPhone

Just thought I'd post some pictures I've taken recently on my iPhone as I sit on the train from Kobe to Osaka.
The temperature was a very high 20 degrees Celsius( about 70 degrees Farenheit) yesterday. Today I also sunny and warm- though not ad warm as yesterday. It's a three-day weekend here so there a lot of people out and about. Yesterday in Shinsaibashi it was almost overwhelming.

Anyway, here are some pictures. Guess I can't post pictures from my iPhone so I'll post them later:)

Here are a few from the last couples weeks.

From bottom to top: Takashimaya Department store in Namba, Mitarashi dango- mochi with a more sweet but also savory sauce, Cherry trees are blossoming, A beautiful day last Friday in Osaka, and Another tree with pretty blossoms.