I'm beyond excited to be going to Europe in three days. 3 days!! Proof of my excitement is the fact that I've been 90% packed since Sunday.

I'm not at all fond of packing last minute unless it's traveling from one place to another in which case everything's already been packed so it's just a matter of reissuing it. I notice that I improve over time in how and what I pack. It's much easier I think when you're required to carry on your luggage. Anyway, two weeks and a fairly small suitcase. The last time I was in Europe in March I wore and used everything I brought which was a relief.
This time I hope to do the same:)

My first stop is Paris. I'm hoping to visit Belgium and maybe London.

Since I wasn't able to post pictures from my past trip, I'll post a few of my last European adventure.

More Maui

So you know that problem I had with my laptop and my attempts at mobile blogging via email? Well the answer was right in the App store: download the Blogger app! What a relief. Plus it's super easy. Now I can blog from my iPhone whether or not my laptop decides to work. Although that issue will need to be resolved somehow.

Anyway, here are some of many pictures I've taken from my iPhone over the last few months. Hope you like them as much as I do:)

Oh, and on a different note. As of yesterday it is two weeks till I leave for Europe. With the first stop being Paris. I can't wait to blog from there with this handy dandy app!


My laptop finally cooperated. There were as many pictures as I hoped but this is likely because I take more photos with my iPhone. I'm still trying to figure out mobile uploading but till then I'll email to myself and upload via my laptop.

Hope you enjoy there!

Deep gorge in the Rockies
Telluride Farmer's market

Lunch table at a restaurant's farm in Kula

Sunset from the West side
The beginning of a beautiful sunrise
An amazing dish of scallops on rice with mandarin oranges
Sunset from a Wailea restaurant