New Year

Sorry that I haven't been writing as frequently as I did in December. I seemed to have stumbled upon a writer's block of sorts. Also, I wanted to make sure to include pictures so I had to upload pictures from my camera first in order to do so.

Here are just a couple pictures from December in Kobe. The city isn't decorated for Christmas as much as one would hope, especially when it's such a beautiful city architecturally speaking. But I guess each city can't run a complete deficit with electricity. Especially if the energy for the lights aren't from alternative power sources.

Nonetheless, Kobe continues its annual tradition (ever since the Great Hanshin Earthquake) of a Luminaries show for two weeks in early December. Instead of candles in paper bags as often seen in the States, it is a whole street with many lights above your head. I missed it the last few years but Kobe tries to add its holiday charm.

Decoration in front of department store


Now that Christmas and New Years are over, it's back to the everyday life which are filled-at least for me-with attempts to keep my new year's resolutions. Have you made yours? My main focus is work. Currently it's a big 'lack' of work but I intend to turn that into a 'presence' of work. Good luck to all if you with your resolutions!

I'll keep this post short and I'm hoping to share more of what Kobe is and has to offer in the near future.