Spring in NYC

Yikes! Months since I wrote last. Technically it was last year:( 

I've never been happier (except for when I'm traveling) than in the eight months I've  been living here in New York City. Often I pinch myself to make sure I'm not in a dream. And now with spring here the city is gorgeous and full of even more life!!

I won't write much but wanted to share a few pictures. I lost my phone and unfortunately a lot of pictures about a month ago so these are just what I've take since.

Cherry Blossoms

So said that I would post some pictures. Before I post pictures from my trip to the States I figured I'd go chronologically and post pictures of cherry blossoms that I took right before my vacation.

Spring here in Japan is an especially beautiful time of year. When temperatures aren't quite as cold and March comes around cherry trees start blooming everywhere. Of course this depends on weather so the cherry blossom viewing season, or hanami begins in Kyuushu and ends in Hokkaido. Because I wasn't in Japan during most of April I missed the peak hanami time for the Kansai region. At least in the sense of getting together with friends under the trees for a food/drink filled picnic. I did however get some great pictures taken over a couple random afternoons.

Now for the pictures.